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Our Lady of All The Nations

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When:  1945- 1959


A Dutch secretary named Ida Peerdeman reported receiving Marian apparitions over the course of 14 years. In the apparition messages, as related by Peerdeman, Mary uses Scripture to draw a particular connection between herself and Eve. In the book of Genesis, Adam names his wife twice, naming her "Woman" at her creation and "Mother of All Living" after the Fall.  Similarly, in the Gospel of John, Jesus calls Mary "Woman" at the Wedding at Cana but shifts from "Woman" to "Mother" at the end of the Passion account. The apparition messages draw on this parallelism to say that Mary, like Eve, has two names,   the first name being "Mary" or "Lady" (corresponding to Eve's first name, "Woman"), and the second name expressible as "The Lady of All Nations" or "The Mother of All Nations"  (corresponding to Eve's second name, "Mother of All Living"). Consequently, the speaker in the apparition messages repeatedly identifies herself as "the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary." Peerdeman's apparition messages predict that this "second name" of Mary will one day be codified in a Marian dogma that will express Mary's motherhood using the three titles of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.




In February 1951, the Lady of the apparition reportedly began identifying herself in a different way: “I am the Lady, Mary, Mother of All Nations. You may say: The Lady of All Nations or Mother of All Nations, who once was Mary." The following month the lady said, "The whole world is degenerating, and because of this the Son is sending the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary." In July, she explained, "‘Who once was Mary’ means: many people have known Mary as Mary. Now, however, in this new era which is about to begin, I wish to be the Lady of All Nations."  Peerdeman's apparition messages cite the Gospel of John as the basis of this dual naming of Mary: "At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ, He gave Miriam, or Mary, to the nations in one act, giving her as ‘The Lady of All Nations’. For He spoke the words, ‘Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother.’ One act, and by this Miriam, or Mary, received this new title."