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Our Lady of Geitrzwald

Where:  Gietrzwald, Warmia-Mazury, Poland

When:  1877



According to the Catholics, in the year 1877,  the Virgin Mary appeared to two people, two little girls called Stanishlawa Samulowska and Justnya Szafrynska. The Blessed Virgin appeared several times, speaking in the Polish Language.


Justnya Szafrnska, 13 years old, reported that while praying the Angelus on June 27, 1877, she saw a woman seated on a gold throne near a maple tree, accompanied by an angel.

Three days after the first event, both she and 12-year-old Stanishlawa Samulowska saw Mary, and Justyna asked: "What do you want, Holy Mary?" Mary answered in the local Polish dialect, "I want you to pray the Rosary daily." During the apparition the next day, Justyna asked, "Who are You?" and Mary replied, "I am the Blessed Virgin Mary of Immaculate Conception." In the coming days, Mary promised that fervent prayer would be able to end the persecutions of Catholic Poles that had occurred under Kulturkampf. The apparitions continued for three months. On September 8, about a week before the apparitions ended, Mary blessed a spring of water, from which pilgrims have subsequently reported healings. Our Lady of Gietrzwałd is the only approved Marian apparition in Poland.