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Our Lady of Guadalupe

 Where: Guadalupe , Mexico

 When:  December 9th , December 12th 1531



Juan Diego, an Aztec who converted to the catholic faith, was visited   by Mother Mary on December 9th and December 12th 1531. When our lady first appeared to Juan Diego, she requested for a shrine to be built on the spot where she appeared, Tepeyac Hill (it is now in a suburb of Mexico city). Our lady asked Juan Diego to go and see the bishop. At first, the bishop did not approve and asked for another sign. In the second apparition, Our Lady told Juan Diego to collect roses. In his second meeting with the bishop, Juan Diego opened his tilma and let the roses  fall out and a picture of Our Lady appeared on the tilma. The tilma is now carefully stored in the Basilica of Guadalupe. 


Miracles associated with our lady of Guadalupe: 


The healing of Juan Diego's Uncle:


Juan Diego's uncle, Juan Bernardino, had fallen seriously ill. Juan Diego Went to Tlatilolco to get priest to confess and absolve him. On his way, he  was intercepted by the virgin Mary. Mary  said that his uncle would be healed.

When Juan Diego went home, he found his uncle happy and recovered. His uncle also reported that  virgin had appeared to him as well.



The picture of our lady in the tilma:


 Juan Diego had come home to find his uncle seriously ill. His uncle told him to get a priest to administer the final rights before he passed away. Juan   Diego avoided the hill of Tepeyac as he was ashamed at missing his appointment(Monday) with the virgin. On the way , the virgin appeared to him   and told him not to worry about his uncle. She Asked Juan Diego to collect some roses, Juan Diego did so and virgin tied the tilma behind Juan   Diego's neck. The bishop had refused to believe the first apparition and asked for a sign. Juan Diego, presented the tilma and the picture of our   lady  appeared on the tilma.