Our Lady of Pellevoisin

Where:  Pellevoisin , France

When:   14th February to 8th December 1876


 During the time of the apparitions, Pellevoisin was a commercial center if 1000 citizens under the

Mayor, Comte de la Rochefoucauld.  Estelle Faguette, was hired by the mayor's wife as a domestic servant and

A nursemaid at their residence near Pellevoisin, the Chateau de Poiriers- Montbel. After numerous years of service,  due

To her fragile health, Estelle was dying of tuberculosis at the age of 33.


With childlike faith, Estelle composed a letter to the Blessed Virgin Mary in which she asked for a cure. The letter was laid at the feet of a statue of the Virgin in Montbel, the summer chateau of the Rochefoucaulds, about 3 km from Pellevoisin


In February 1876, the Countess had to travel to Paris but arranged for accommodation to be made available for Estelle in a house close to the parish church in Pellevoisin. Unable to consume anything except liquids, Estelle received the sacrament of Extreme Unction. On 14 February, her physician judged that she had only hours left to live.



During the night of that same day, Estelle reported experiencing the presence of the Virgin Mary for the first time, who told her that she must suffer for five more days in honor of the five wounds of Christ. At the end of the five days, Estelle would die or be cured; and if she lived, she would obliged to make known ‘Mary’s glory’.


On each of the following four nights the Blessed Virgin again appeared to Estelle. On Tuesday, she said: 'If my son grants you life, it will be a blessing for you.' On Wednesday, she said, 'I am all-merciful and the mistress of my Son. Your good deed, fervent prayers and little letter have touched my motherly heart'.


On Friday, The virgin did not appear to Estelle as on the previous days but drew closer to her.

She showed Estelle the plaque which she must place as a thanksgiving, bearing the words: 'I called upon Mary in the depths of my misery. She obtained for me, from her Son, my complete cure.' The plaque was not plain white, but had a golden rose on each corner, and at the top, a heart on fire, crowned with roses, pierced by a sword. Indeed, on Saturday, Estelle was cured when she received Holy Communion. Immediately she was able to eat and drink normally, and within a few days, she resumed domestic and gardening duties with no sign of fatigue.


The Blessed Virgin returned in September (Saturday 9, Sunday 10, Friday 15). On 9 September, the lady drew attention to a small scapular she was wearing.[5] Estelle had seen it there before, as plain white cloth, but on this day it bore the red image of a heart. 'This devotion pleases me', Mary said, and then, 'It is here that I shall be honored'.[6] The lady next appeared on 15 September, speaking of her concern for the Catholic Church in France.




Estelle Faguette:

Born: 12th September 1849

Died: 23rd August 1929